Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy New year (although a little belated!)

Welcome to 2011! I am approaching this year with a slightly different view to managing this blog. Previously I have mainly used it to enter challenges, and while I hope to continue to do that - although TRY to be more frequent in both challenges and blog-writing. I will include some photos of cards (and whatever else interests me at the time) - this is my blog after all.
So, to start with I have included a photo of Sawyer & Ethan as they finished decorating my"Christmas" tree - they did such a great job! And Christmas is great with two special little people around to share it with.
The cards I made as a batch using the SU Elements of style stamp set. They are gorgeous stamps. And the photos are taken with my new digital SLR - I knew there was a reason for working!
And now for the big news - I have ordered Becky Higgin's Project Life , and am eagerly waiting it's arrival - one day very shortly, I hope. I have been journaling daily, and taking photos most days. I am planning to have weekly double spreads. More later - thanks for stopping by.